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Key notes and Training.  These topics are designed to open the door to dialogue and drive transformational performance and growth in your organization.  They can range in time from 1-6 hours, and each segment is interactive, engaging, relevant, high-energy and multi-medium.  All sessions will provide education, skills and knowledge.  Additionally, participants will leave each session with tools and techniques that are relevant, realistic and immediately useable.  The Series begins with foundational topics and branches out specifically to more provocative topics.  Most sessions can be live in-person or live, virtual.



Strategic Diversity and Inclusion

Objective: To establish an introduction and foundation to diversity and inclusion.  It is also to provide a consistent definition and understanding of diversity and inclusion and how they intersect the workplace, workforce and marketplace.


Objective:  To establish leaders as more visible in their allyship and better role models for others to follow.  

White Men as DEI Champions/Allies and Advocates

Objective: To promote and reinforce that white men are critical to the success of DEI initiatives.  And, to develop advocacy and skills for being an ally/champion in the DEI space. Personal coaching is part of this series. 

THE WHY:  The Business Rationale for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Objective: If culture eats strategy for lunch, is your organization’s culture ready for the future?  In this course we will discuss the importance of diversity and strategically managing inclusion as a critical business imperative to the organization.  How does this connect to your future?  

The Business Case for Diversity  

Objective: To discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion as a critical business imperative to the organization.  The latest research and the correlation to the success of your business will be the focus.  This is a great session for senior leaders as well as anyone that interfaces with sales / marketing / customers.

Cognitive Illusions:  How Bias and Belonging Keep Us From Transformation

Objective:  In this session we define bias and belonging and investigate how they intersect the workforce, workplace and marketplace.  Having bias does not make me a bad person, just human.  At the core of the workshop, we help develop an understanding that we are always seeing only some of the picture in any situation.  We make-up the rest, we call that projection.  And this becomes an impediment to developing belonging.  

Race-Based Series:  How to Talk About Race in the Workplace

Objective:  The main objective of this three-part course series is to start the journey to building better relationships, having race-based dialogue and creating allyship.  We also offer moderated forums for Dialogues and follow-on skill-based courses for leaders. 

The Future of Engagement

Objective:  Inclusion drives engagement.  But how do we create a more inclusive environment where your workforce can show up, do their best work and exceed your organizational objectives?  What will the workforce of the future look like?  Techniques to drive a culture of success in changing times will be shared. 

Belonging In The Workplace

Objective: To learn about others from various perspectives in their backgrounds.  Secondly, to take this learning to the workplace to address tensions through the lens of developing a culture of belonging.  Social belonging, empathy and otherness is the foundation for this cultural dialogue. Great for in-tact team building.   

The Will To Change:  7 Life Tools To Change The World             

Objective: As we look at the current state of women in the workplace we see that society has certainly made some strides over the years, but women still have a long way to go.  This session inspires women with the seven life tools to change their world!  Highly motivational.

Hard Wired for Successful Results

Objective:  Sharing new leadership competencies required to increase levels of engagement is the focus of this workshop.  Being a people leader requires skill.  The techniques in this workshop, along with practice in the workshop, will allow leaders to manage and lead in a new and global world.

The Inclusion Behavior Model:  Driving Performance

Objective: To explore the behaviors that create inclusion and demonstrate how quickly those behaviors can become exclusive.  Collaboration as a new leadership competency emerges and helps identify micro-affirmations and acts of inclusion for higher levels of productivity.    

Additional Topics:    

Belonging and Empathy

Objective: To help drive understanding of how others feel so that we can respond appropriately to situations.  Empathy has a direct impact on employee productivity, loyalty, business performance, retention, creativity, innovation, collaboration and engagement. This session explores what empathy is, why organizations struggle with it, and what we can do to master it in the workplace.  Participants will leave with tools that drive their ability to lead a culture with empathic leadership.  

This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Workplace – Guide to Intergenerational Difference

Objective: To gain insight into the multiple generations in today’s workplace, workforce and marketplace.  And to share tips on how to work together effectively.  

Leading and a New Generation

Objective:  Learn what research says about the generations in the workplace and what it will take to manage individuals from each of the generations.  Using case studies, managers and supervisors will practice generational coaching tools.

The Cutting Edge of Bias - How Hidden Bias Keeps Us From Our Best Work

Objective: To define conscious and unconscious bias and look at how these biases play out in our interactions in the workforce, workplace and with our clients.  We will look at productivity barriers in talent review, team interaction, hiring, succession planning and development.  

Sweat The Small Stuff – Micro-inequities at Play

Objective: To explore the small negative gestures, tones and snubs that we demonstrate, unknowingly, toward our colleagues and clients, causing people to shut down, break down and pull back.  This will be juxtaposed against micro affirmations which help heal an organization's culture.  

Cultural Dexterity: There Really Is a Difference!

Objective: To discover different cultural norms and the values that distinguish cultures.   This helps us navigate and understand cultural interactions that are often plagued by challenge.  

The Impact of the Employee Contact Cycle

Objective: To recognize our own attitudes toward difference, where they begin and how they can create barriers to inclusion, productivity and effectiveness in the life of an employee.  

The Crossroads of Empowerment, Confidence and Employee Performance

Objective:  To explore trust roots, internal empowerment and the role confidence plays in supporting employee engagement and performance to drive increased productivity.  

Effective Communication

Objective: To look closely at our communication styles and how communication with our clients and team members break down and where the biggest collisions occur.  

8 Life Skills - Lessons From An Inclusion Strategist

Objective: In this keynote, you will begin to understand the world we live in through the lens of diversity and inclusion.  Building effective relationships is at the core of this foundational presentation.  Techniques for developing relationships across the complexity of diversity will be revealed.  This will play against the landscape of today's business as well as mainstream society.

Presenting For Success

Objective:  Share the fundamentals of effective presentation skills.  This session incorporates techniques for presenting along with common mistakes made.  In-session practice is a part of this workshop.  

Understanding Gender Dynamics In Leadership

Objective: To explore the role that gender and gender norms play in how we interact and how that inhibits productivity and leadership in the workplace.  

The Business of Gender Bias

Objective:  To understand why successful women as leaders in the workplace are a business imperative.  Bias and barriers against women are explored as well as what both genders can do to leverage success across the gender divide.  

Does Gender Matter?

Objective: To define masculine and feminine characteristics and how our bias of these characteristics can set either gender up for failure or success.  Gender messaging from a young age is used as a backdrop for the messages we receive and put in play in the workplace.  Tools on moving forward to drive an environment where women and men can be successful are developed.   

See Me, Not My Disability (The Workforce of the Future)

Objective: To highlight many of the little-known U.S. facts, tips and etiquette regarding interacting with persons with disabilities in the workforce and workplace.   This course prepares the participant for interacting and working with an increasing number of people with disabilities in the workplace.

Creativity and Innovation for Future Success

Objective: To showcase the business importance of innovation and creativity for the future.  Based on DeBono's Six Hat Theory, this simulation is a provocative, in-session project to show the use of participants' creativity and innovation.  

Accountability & Responsibility:  Empowerment At Work

Objective: Understand personal responsibility and accountability, and how they are vital to successfully dealing with situations requiring high performance.

Do You Have Gravitas?

Objective:  To identify and utilize the new competencies for transformational success:  personal branding, professionalism and executive presence.

The Myth of Extrovert and the Power of Introvert

Objective:  This session offers advice to introverts for functioning in an extrovert-dominated culture, and gives the business case for why introverts and extroverts need to work together for high performance.  Additionally, it offers techniques for effectiveness in communication, work and relationships between people of differing personalities.

Customer Service for Tomorrow - Developing Legendary Service

Objective:  Develop skills for managing customer expectations and understanding how to resolve customer dissatisfaction.  Develop techniques for positive results through change and agility.